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John Labone

MAPS B.Ed.(Psych.), B.A.(Honours) Psych., M.Ed.(Distinction) Couns. Psych.

John has over 30 years’ experience helping children and families. He holds full Membership of the Australian Psychological Society and is a Nationally Registered Psychologist. John holds an Honours Degree in Psychology from Macquarie University and a Master’s Degree with Distinction in Counselling Psychology. He is also a NESA accredited Proficient Teacher. He has had extensive experience in education and psychology including roles as a primary school teacher, special education teacher, Head Teacher and Assistant Principal as well as a school counsellor. John has also been a lecturer in psychology at the Western Sydney University. John was a specialist assessment psychologist at Dalwood Assessment Centre, a State tertiary referral program for students with severe literacy, language and/or behaviour disorders. He was also a head teacher for setting up new schools and classes for children with severe behaviour and mental health problems or who were suspended from school. He was the project supervisor for the development of the Dalwood Spelling Test and was an examiner for the Australian standardisation of the Wechsler Pre-school, and Wechsler Children’s Intelligence Tests. John’s professional specialisations include pre-school, childhood and adolescent behaviour problems, including Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Autistic Spectrum Disorders. He is an expert in psychometric assessment of children with learning difficulties, especially in reading and spelling.   John is a caring and experienced counsellor of pre-schoolers, children and adolescents.

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